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Lightning is a serious danger and Florida gets the most of any state. Dangerous lightning can split a tree in half, cause much damage to your home if it strikes close, or hit and burn a house or building to the ground. It is not to be taken lightly. But you are covered. Many times, power is disrupted in your home, or some fixture is damaged or maybe a wall plug-in no longer works. The Insurer will pay to have your home checked by a professional to determine what damage was done.

Calling your public adjuster first will likely get your claim handled faster with fewer headaches as we document your entire loss, reduce your stress and handle the tons of paperwork they request. This is all done for a small fee and you can go about your daily business. You NEED someone on your side! That’s us. We come to your rescue. We make it look easy only because you don’t see all the behind the scene paperwork and phone calls on your behalf. It’s our job, it’s what we do, and we love it!


Power Surge:
Power surges are also caused by lightning but can also be from your neighbor having his generator improperly installed. A powerful power surge can be an expensive chain of events. Think of what in your home is electronic. All the new washer and dryers, garage door openers, computer equipment, etc. The list is endless. We investigated one recently where the microwave, range, washer, dryer, radio, computer, garage door opener, and dishwasher just quit working at the same time. That could only be a power surge.

Now your BEST protection is to never let that happen to your home. Most power companies now have a service where they install power surge suppressors at your meter (for a fee monthly) that stops any surges that could damage your home or items. This IS your best protection; preventative maintenance is always your best response. Never having anything go wrong because you planned for safety and prevention is what we all wish for. If you never have to have a claim would be my fervent prayer for everyone because it is such a hassle, but things happen. It’s called LIFE. How we handle those bumps determine the amount of hassle we get ourselves into. BE prepared is not just a Boy Scout motto, it should be our way of life. But should you need our services, we are just one phone call away.

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