How many times did your insurance company tell you they have paid all they will pay for your claim? Unless you settled in Mediation, or if your insurance company went belly up, we can reopen the same claim and probably get you more money. Florida contract law allows five (5) years to re-open your claim if you feel you were not paid fairly.

We can help you. Your roofer wants a job, but he can’t get you any claim for inside damages. But we can. And we only get paid on what WE get for you, not what you’ve already been paid. A roofer is not allowed to discuss your roof with your insurance company adjuster, only their estimate.

For your protection Florida Statutes only allow a lawyer or public adjuster to assist the homeowner assist you with your claim. We catch all these items and engage your Insurer to properly pay you. Why they just don’t pay you properly is anyone’s guess. But when we get involved, you get paid!